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Our clients

Shoreditch Ventures works with change-makers who want to make a difference in the world. Our clients recognise that transformation is hard without the right people, ideas, solutions, and resources and leverage our unique blend of expertise to realise their ambitions.

Our experience

Shoreditch Ventures has over a decade of experience providing advisory and senior-level support to clients covering multiple sectors, such as healthcare, education, real estate, supply chains, financial services, investment and government.

Our people

Our people bring practitioner expertise in technology, impact and strategy serve our many clients bringing strategic insights, tactical nouse, and delivery experience to meet the needs they face at the board level, within individual family offices, and within their organisations.

Our work

Advisor in-sourcing

For advisors and NEDs, we provide back-office and other support to enable you to make the best use of your time so you can create impact.

Being a Non Exec Director can be challenging, with competing demands from different boards you sit on, to having to manage your network effectively, to ensuring you are compliant and able to keep an eye on detail; we are developing with our partners new platforms to simplify, automate, and outsource as much as possible those tasks and activities that NEDs do not need to be engaged in, freeing them up to have the greatest impact in the most time and resource efficient manner

Angel co-incubation

For experienced angels, we incubate new learning technologies that enable humans and machines to solve problems ethically and wisely.

Areas of focus currently include:

  • Sports: harnessing the power of AI and XR technologies to democratise stroke and swing analysis to enable mainstream and learner sports people to row, play tennis, and score better

  • Training: supporting vocational education in the workplace harnessing remote mentoring using XR technologies harnessing retired experts paired with apprentices

  • Assessment: breaking the monopoly of exams and formal assessments by harnessing video and XR technologies to generate portfolios of evidence of live team interactions to demonstrate employability and competence

Associate support

For organisations, we harness and tap into leading associate expertise to enable you to make wiser decisions relating to technology, impact, and strategy. View some of our Associate's biographies by selecting their photos below.

Nat Wei

Louise Heathcote

Rich Webb

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